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Folk Alliance and…

February 19th, 2008 View Comments

This week I head out to the land of Sun Studios, where guys like Elvis and BB King recorded and got their starts. Yes, Memphis Tenessee! I will be showcasing at the National Folk Alliance conference and having a good ole’ time. Afterall, this is a conference of musicians, which means that there are no boring meetings about market share n’ such. Our meetings are concerts and sing-a-longs! Wow.. I’m pinching myself now.

Cool news to report!

Be the Change – Top 10 played song of 2007 – Folk DJ’s
Summer’s Voice - Top 10 album 2007 – Hal Selzer of Aquarian Weekly
Summer’s Voice - Top 5 album of 2007 – WXOU Auburn Hills, Michigan Summer’s Voice - Top 30 album of the year, 2007 – WVPE 88.1FM, South Bend/Elkhart (Indiana).
Summer’s Voice review

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At the Roots Music Coffeehouse

February 5th, 2008 View Comments
On January 12, I did a couple of sets at the Roots Music Coffeehouse with John Sonntag on electric guitar. It was a joyful time as we performed to a group of about 20 folks. This is a pretty new venue run by Carl Knoblauch, and if you live in the Danbury, CT area, I encourage you to support it! It was such a nice listening group, and a wonderful group of volunteers. (see Another cool thing about it is that there’s an open mic first from 8PM to 9PM featuring lots of good local talent.To show you what they do to create a venue, they convert a small dance studio into a coffeehouse just for the night. Not impressed yet? Well, they they actually bring in a bunch of big floor rugs to cover a big hardwood dance floor, THEN they set up the chairs, generic viagra online, sound system, and snack/CD sales table. And when we’re done? It’s ‘undo’ the whole thing! Now that’s commitment, and we all really appreciate it. Thank you Carl and the rest of the team for the hard work you do!
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