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Going my way?

This blog is where I just write for sake of writing thoughts about anything. As if it was the coffee table and you an I were sitting across from one another over a cup of tea or cafe latte. And I grew up on cafe latte’, long before there was a Starbucks. My Italian mother and grandmother (nonna) used to make it for me, and occaisionally I even make it for myself.

So there’s a little about me. On the bigger scale, I am here partly because of my ongoing mission to be “all I can be” without repelling from a chopper at 4AM. Of course when I think about my wife, daughter and son, it’s a heckuva challenge just to be halfway good! You probably found me here through my music and that is a big part of what I do. I decided in the early-mid nineties to write songs, and then to present them in whatever arena I could (Open mics, socially, mom, etc..). Then, I dreamed of a CD, so I did that in 1998 and called it ‘Fountain of Dreams’ (because that’s what my brain is) I am basically the kind of person who dreams something and then tries to see if it’s practically attainable. Sometimes it’s impractically attainable (or practically unattainable?), buy cheap silagra, making the dream that much more worth it to pursue.

I thought my first CD would be my last since the dream at the time was to ‘make a recording of my music’. Who knew then that the work would keep going… and going… and going! It turns out that I have an addiction to the craft of expression through music. Who knew? Certainly not my music teachers in junior high.

I now have two more music CD’s to my credit; ‘The Watch Man’ produced in 2001, and my latest, called ‘Summer’s Voice’. So there you have the short version about me. This is where I blog about mostly my music life with some odds and ends thrown in. Feel free to browse around. There will be more coming! Life itself is an evolution, so this will be no different.

For a little more, see the Being the Change blog page.

Thanks for stopping in!


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  • Frank Seger

    Heard your song “Christmas Tree on Salem Street” on the Folk Sampler (Mike Flynn). The song touched me, since I served in the military during that same time period. I enjoy folk music and look forward to hearing more of your music


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